Meet Our team

Christine M. Knysh President/CEO

Prior to founding TCN, Inc. Ms. Knysh began her career in public relations and fundraising for drug and alcohol programs at a Philadelphia inner city hospital from 1975-1987. Ms. Knysh worked closely with Unions, self-insured employers, and government officials at both the city and state level. Given her multiple areas of expertise, Ms. Knysh transitioned into residential care treatment and marketed robust programming for multiple treatment facilities in the tri-state area. Given her broad lens of experience Ms. Knysh realized the hurdles that insurance gatekeeping brought to individuals seeking Behavioral Healthcare treatment and knew there was a better way. Due to Ms. Knysh’s insight, she was able to recognize that a more hands on approach to care was far more cost effective and efficient than just managing time in care. Through this approach, TCN has been able to yield better outcomes while maintaining their fiduciary responsibilities to their clients.
As a Native American, Ms. Knysh understands the importance of advocacy for underserved people and has been active with state legislators and civic associations to assure cultural competency and the protection of individual rights in healthcare.

Helen M. Kelly Vice President of Marketing, Community Relations Coordinator

Ms. Kelly has been actively involved in various social, civic and community organizations throughout the entirety of her professional career. Ms. Kelly, formerly served as a member of the Fairmount Park and District Police Advisory Boards. Ms. Kelly is the past President of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Intergroup Association, a nonprofit organization providing resources for recovering persons. Ms. Kelly has over 40 years of professional sales, marketing, and public relations experience in both the insurance and telecommunication industries.

Michael A. Barbieri PhD, LCSW, Clinical Director

Dr. Barbieri is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who earned his Doctorate in Urban Affairs and Public Policy in 1989. Dr. Barbieri has served in multiple management capacities across various levels of clinical dependency and mental health care. Dr. Barbieri has worked as an independent health care consultant since 2017. Prior to which, he served as the Director of The Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health for the State of Delaware’s Health and Social Services. Dr. Barbieri has also served as a Delaware State Representative for the 18th District from 1995-2015. Dr. Barbieri’s areas of expertise include clinical operations, strategic management, insurance negotiations, marketing, and risk management.

Daria DiCicco Director of Operations

Having worked mostly in the areas of Hospitality Management, Daria brings with her over 20 years of management experience specializing in client engagement and business relations. Prior to her joining the TCN team, Daria worked as a Director of Outlets for Hilton Hotels Corporation in their cooperative relationship with The University of Pennsylvania Trustees and Business Services Offices for over 12 years. Daria was responsible for building high performing teams, increasing client engagement, and bridging relationships between multiple and divergent entities. Daria, because of her background in both hospitality and business relations, has developed a reputation for promoting healthy and diverse working cultures who can operate successfully and efficiently with a commonality of purpose.