Mental Health Matters

Supporting your well-being through High Quality
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services


Supporting Better Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Total Care Network, Inc. is a behavioral healthcare company located in Philadelphia that specializes in Advocating for local unions and their memberships to obtain the highest quality of behavioral and substance abuse care. Since we were founded in 1993, we have been helping and will continue to help, our clients find the right professionals to give them the support they need to start their journey of recovery.


What We Do

We advocate for high-quality mental health and substance abuse treatments for the people we serve. Our Members Assistance Specialists are experienced in guiding individuals and their families towards healthcare professionals and/or programs that will fit our clients’ individual needs and preferences. We also have an on-call service on standby 24/7, in the event of an Emergency.

Take the First Step

Our lines are open. Call us today for questions and concerns. Let us help you start your journey to recovery today.